I Don't Make Beats Because I'm Bored

by Beatcasso


  • I Don't Make Beats Because I'm Bored - Limited Edition Cassette Tapes

    A-Side - "I Don't Make Beats Because I'm Bored" Mix
    B-Side - "Exclusive Beatcasso Mix

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A collection of Beats made during my time in Miami Florida, United States. Recorded live on cassette tape.
1. Decime Que Ves (Intro)
2. L xnr Ai Ee (Revisited)
3. Potry In The Club (Revisited)
4. Piel De Nieve
5. Shut Firm The Mouth and Silent Remain
6. Before Waiting A Table (Revisited)
7. Llena De Dulzura
8. Untitled 48590
9. Insignificant Artist (revisited)
10. Ineffable feat. Ominous Extemporaneous Minds
11. N H R I (feat. Lurdez De La Costa)
12. Pensando En Mis Dias Contigo
13. Thoughts of A Waiter (Revisited)
14. Mia Conmigo
15. Nacatamal Con Chile
16. To Be A Waiter
17. kⓘrvy - HiMºM (Beatcasso Remix)


1. You Said To Meet You
2. A Glance (Sped Up)
3. Seguía Lloviendo Afuera
4. Ice Skating Waiter
5. Esa Niña
6. Epic Arts
7. Zen & The Art of Macintosh
8. All Flesh Decays

* No mastering, no mixing, no bullshit *
• Includes .PDF Booklet •


released June 14, 2011